Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Rough & Tough" and "Space Invader"

When I was much younger, my older brothers loved making movies. It's kinda crazy that I can even date back to silent movies. Anyway, here's "Rough & Tough" starring Russ Foster and Darren Nicoll directed by Kevin Nicoll. Since my brothers had to babysit me when they made their movies... I always had cameo roles.

Before you watch these... I should point out that our mom always made us end every fight scene with a handshake.

This second movie is "Space Invader". I won the Little Brother award for my work in this short film. Be sure to look for my facial expressions.

WARNING: Excessive exposure to Depeche Mode will warp your souls into music video making fools. Just can't get enough.

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nineoenin said...

Ahhh, the days of silent films. We really had to know how to act, none of this "You complete me." or the "I'll be back" crap. We had no rehearsals and just knew things like the exact timing of neighbors driving into the scene unscripted. We did our own stunts and occasionally had to take one on the chin, all in the name of great filmmaking. Jackie Chan has very little on us.

I am surprised this film did not launch us into a prosperous film carrier.

**Thanks for converting these to digital. For the world to enjoy.**

I want to start making Shorts with my progeny like Kevin did with his offspring.

I've thought of taking "Rough -N- Tough" into Final Cut to do some digital editing, but the more I think of it, I would probably mess up this classic. I feel it would be as if Lucas redid the original Star Wars Trilogy… The bad cuts and costume changes mid film are the nuance of film, really draw in the audience and give a deeper meaning.

I still have class mates who remember when I showed this in class at school and ask if I really drove away at the end.

I think that is the only time Foster ever hit me in the 8 years we hung out. (Except for boxing in his back yard.)