Wednesday, October 15, 2008

High School Videos

In my ever diligent effort to digitize my life, here are a couple videos I just converted from VHS to DVD.  

Some things aren't worth sharing, but if that were really true in this case, why did we bring along the video camera?

This first clip is an edited version of me getting answered for a dance in '95.  Jake Allen went around with me and taped it.  If he gives me any grief about this, I'll be sure to post the clip I have of him dressed up as a cheerleader.  If I remember right, he actually shaved his leggys for that.

This is when I opened my mission call at our ranch in northern Arizona.  Looking back, there's no other place I would have wanted to open it than there.  July 7th, 1996.  

I'm really not that bad at reading, but if you knew Dumb & Dumber was my favorite movie... you'd understand.  

I was called to the Lithuania Vilnius Mission, however, that mission at the time consisted of Estonia, Latvia, Lithunaia and Belarus.  Since I was called to speak Estonian, I stayed in Estonia the whole time.  (Yes, that's where "Encino Man" is from.)

For as cheesy as I was/am... I could have used a little more COWBELL!


Scott 'n Jen said...

Who asked you to the dance?!?!?! I was waiting in anticipation the whole time.
P.S. i love the girly voice & the Halloween masked girl was freaky!!!

You mission call opening is such a great video. Aren't you so glad it was recorded.

Thx for sharing:)

nineoenin said...

Hats off to you for keeping record of all this great history. It will an excellent treasure for your kids to get to know you better. You are a good man.

nineoenin said...

I just watched more of the videos and noticed my old truck. I enjoy my current truck but I think I will always miss the Dodge…

P.S. You never jumped it did you?!! I recall some other video footage of different truck being airborne…:)

Kempe Naegle Nicoll said...

Yeah, we got the white Chevy airborne but never your truck. I need to find that video again. I think I actually put it in the back of Justin's truck to hide it, but from there it got lost.