Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm a little concerned.

Over the past couple weeks, my wife has been making some comments that are really making me nervous.  It's been over a myriad of topics but when we have a conversation about something, periodically she will tell me she already had this conversation with me.  When I ask her when, she simply says, "Well, it was in my head.  I just already know what you will say."

Does anyone have any counsel for me?  I'm starting to feel uncomfortable with this idea that I'm going to get in trouble for things that I told her... but didn't really tell her.  

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Jen said...

It sounds like my conversations w/ Scott- although they are actually out loud conversations, he claims they never take place.

I think Rachelle just knows you too well that she feels no need to discuss certain things w/ you cause she knows what the outcome will be. I wish i could do that , but i have to tell Scot my plans all the time, even if he does not want to hear them.