Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Email to my Mommy - January 15, 2000

I've been going through my old files and I found an email I sent to my Mom back when I was dating Rachelle.  

I'll tell you something funny that happened today.  Rachelle and I were here at her apartment... after today's basketball game, BYU vs Utah.  Anyway some guy came to the door, and when she was talking to him I had thought that he came to find one of her roommates.  So I went behind a wall where she could see me and he couldn't, and I started playing with her elbow cause it was leaned up against the wall.  Apparently, I was wrong. This guy was there actually to ask her out but then somehow saw my hand coming from around the corner.  Rachelle said that when he saw it, he stopped and stared at my hand on her elbow and had a surprised expression on his face.  He then said he had to go and took off.  

I felt bad cause I didn't want him to see my hand.  I just wanted Rachelle to appear as if she was laughing for no particular reason.  Anyway, I embarrassed both her and him.  I suppose that he might not be coming back ever again.


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