Friday, August 29, 2008

130 Years of History in 2 Hours

After we attended Aunt Marie's funeral on August 23, 2008 in Vernon, Arizona... Joyce, Guy and John Nicoll sat down with others in the family to talk about the history of the ranch and our family history.  We really wish Aunt Phyllis could have been there and hope we can connect with her soon to do something similar.  

All things considered, it was a great weekend and I enjoyed the time the family was able to spend together.  

I hope everyone in the Naegle Family will take the time to watch this.  If it spurs any memories for you, please find a way to write it down and share it with the family.  Our family has a heritage worth preserving and the only way the next generation will know about it... is if we give it to them.

It's easier to view this on YouTube's site: 


Flibber-tea-gibbit said...

You Nicoll boys are so darn cute!! I really do appreciate all the work that has been done at the ranch, physically and historically. It would be wonderful to have my Grandma Shreeve's version of things as well. What a great family history we have!! Thanks!!

Shannon O'Barr
Brigham City, UT

Anonymous said...

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